August 04, 2008


The Monday Blue Plate Special is oven fried chicken, corn on the cob, baked beans, sweet Hawaiian bread and tea for $6.99.

Okay. Do you see the size of that piece of chicken, that half of a chicken? Tonight's real adventure was not the recipes, it was me...wrestling with two chicken halves...with their chicken parts still connected by bones and bloody tendons...tendons which allow wings to still work and move in a flap-like manner when manipulated just right, even if accidentally. Heaven help me!

I do not do well with animal bones. And I especially do not do well with food that still resembles its live state. So I gave myself MAJOR props for handling two chicken halves and successfully dismembering them without any prior knowledge of or preparation for how to do this. The process was not without some squeals and gags and a few instances of reflexively chucking the stubborn fleshy meat away from myself when a wing flapped or a bone protruded alarmingly. But I did it. Hoorah. I will either a) be calling my good friend Rhett to give me a lesson in tearing apart chickens (not because he's violent but because he's an experienced chef), b) get a big electric food saw (surely one exists, right?), or c) never again buy such large pieces of bone-in animal.

The end product was tasty. But I will probably dream of being chased around a barnyard by wingless chickens who want to relieve me of my burdensome arms.

In other news, this weekend we celebrated her 2nd Birthday with Zoe Brewer and her posse. Zoe was not sure why all those people were singing.

And here are gratuitous pics of the doggies tonight as I was blogging. True to form, Sadie was chillin'...

and Scoopie was all up in my biz.

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