August 25, 2008


What do you get when you go for a quick trip to pick up photos at Target and end up spending three hours there? Well, let's start with a Grande Two Splenda No Foam Soy Latte (for stamina), then toilet paper (it's on sale), the hair product I'm out of is not in stock so I'll just get shampoo instead (I've been wanting to try this new kind), and dental floss (floss picks to be exact), hmmm it's time to replace my Sonicare brush head (two-pack please), AAA batteries coming right up (no more switching batteries between remotes), oh here are those Vanilla Bean flavored almonds Renee' had that were so good, gee this would work great as a bin for recycling glass, wow those towels sure are soft, this is just the type of rug I've been looking for, a machine washable shower curtain liner would be sweet, now that's a cool mirror but I have something different in mind for that wall, oh man they have the little crystal knobs I decided on and these oil rubbed bronze ones too, well I might as well get some for the kitchen while I'm at it this is so exciting, ooooohh a magnetic to-do list and these cute little melamine plates for when the wito ones visit, that cardigan looks like something Renee' would wear, I don't have a dress in this fabulous color, these pants will be so versatile, who couldn't use a stock of cute birthday cards on-hand, oh Aubrey would like this and this and Pete always wears shorts and let's see how old will Reid be when it gets cold [brain insane, too much to actually list what was going on in the children's clothes section], now aren't these spiffy pajamas with owls on them --- RING RING --- "Hello?" "Hi babe." "I'm still at Target." "Oh, nothing, just looking around. . . "

Note: I made it out of the store with very few things. My retail therapy involves loading the cart then putting almost everything back. My motto is Shopping: Spend time not money.


Silverthornes said...

It sounds like a fun time! If I had some free time, I'd be right there with you, drinking my Grande Two Splenda No Foam Soy Latte and day dreaming of what life would really be like to go on a shopping spree. BTW - please tell me you got the magnetic to-do list - those get me every time :)

bsilverthorne said...

We need to take a serious look at getting you some freelance writing jobs for money. You have "it".

Anonymous said...

sorry I use your floss up all the time. I will start bringing my own.