August 19, 2008


She's Here! Reidy is HERE!

She is even more beautiful than we could have imagined. And Renee' and Casey have fallen into parenthood as naturally as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Plus they've fallen pretty hard for their little girl. It's easy to see why. She is bright and shiny and has a lovely disposition.

She sounds like a little bird when she fusses - kind of loud, but a pretty sweet sound nonetheless. ;)

Look at her goofing around already. She said, "Hey AuntGi, this is my impression of a burrito. Take a picture!"

Doug the Pug gladly took on his role of Guardian and Protector. He caught on pretty quick that this little girl is something special and that they will be best friends soon. Plus, he knows who is making those dirty diapers, and he wants to be sure she sticks around for a while.

I'll trust Doug to tell Reid daily stories about how fun their AuntGi is and how she'll give you treats without you even asking.

Little do they know, I'd give her the moon and stars.

Reidy, I love you from here to the Sun.

1 comment:

Silverthornes said...

She is so precious. I can't wait ti see her in person!!

You are an AWESOME Aunt Gi' - Reid is lucky to have you!