July 17, 2008


I love the summer months. It never fails that our days become filled with travel and visitors, and the time in between is spent looking for deodorant in a half unpacked duffel bag, sweeping a layer of dog hair from the living room floor or going to book club.

Sometimes it feels like regular life gets kind of out of control, my to-do list grows and grows. I get worn down from lack of sleep. The "to be shredded" stack piles up. Leftovers start to mold in the refrigerator.

But I love it.

I love that my life is full of family and friends to the point of exhaustion. Long weekend visits and weeknight dinners; Saturdays at the lake and Sunday afternoon movies; sharing Popsicles and singing Blue Skies and Rainbows, again.

Life is made full by the people we share it with, not a seamless household. Yes, I value taking care of my things, but a shiny kitchen sink has never made my heart sing.

Okay, who am I kidding? A shiny sink actually has made my heart sing. But you get the point.

I can't imagine I will ever look back and say I wish I had spent more time at home relaxing.

I can't imagine I will ever say the hours spent traveling weren't worth it.

I can't imagine that an extra hour of sleep will ever outweigh soaking in a smile I love.

I can't imagine I will ever regret leaving a hamper full of dirty laundry to go play with someone who is growing so quickly right before my eyes.

I can't imagine the sound of housework will feed my soul more than the sound of laughter.

I can't imagine my life without all the amazing people God has blessed me with.

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Silverthornes said...

well said!