July 28, 2008


Okay, so tonight was easy. We had pizza. No, not delivery. Not even DiGiorno. Geez, have a little faith in me. We made it! Surprise! I was struggling to figure out what to do with five mini eggplants. Not enough for Eggplant Parmesan, baba ghanoush or eggplant lasagna. And I didn't want to resort to my old stand by of just cutting up any vegetable and adding it to pasta. Plus, I was pretty sure eggplant would be an iffy fruit for Aaron. The light bulb finally went off and I landed on broiling the little suckers to add as topping to personal pizzas. Voila!

My pizza included eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. (above)

As I suspected, Aaron went the more traditional route and created a three cheese (mozzarella, Parmesan and cheddar), pepperoni, olive and mushroom pizza. He was disappointed I had not picked up anchovies at the store.

We had fun making the pizzas together. Not to mention they were really good! Maybe this will become a weekly tradition -- to make our own pizzas and experiment with different toppings.

Here's Aaron's scrumptious pie.

Oh, also, did I mention we were having champagne as we created? Or, to be more accurate, sparkling California wine.

I finally got the call today that I never have to go back to that vampire lair for blood letting so someone can tell me my hormones are not as they should be! Cheers!

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Silverthornes said...

Awesome idea sista! I would have never thought of eggplant pizza but it sounds great. Looks like you guys had fun. The wine was a nice touch. I would have taken the pizza you made...it sound a lot more interesting and healthy, that is what I am all about.