March 31, 2008


I was less inspired for 51-75, so this portion of the list has ended up with several things that: a) I may have already done but can't quite remember b) I've sort of done c) I've definitely done but would like to do again in a different way d) I don't really want to do, but they are worth putting on the list in case #50 happens.

51. know enough about one subject that I could write a Wikipedia article about it; snail racing, for instance

52. mix and serve a Mexican Martini that rivals Trudy's, only mine would come standard with a bottomless bowl of olives

53. ride a camel; I may have already done this in my life, it was either an elephant or a camel, but obviously I don't remember the experience clearly, so I'm going to put it on the list

54. ride in a hot air balloon; again something I've sort-of already done; when I was small, I got to get in a hot air balloon and go up probably 20 feet off the ground, the ropes weren't even untethered from the stakes in the ground; I think it was something a Real Estate agency was doing to promote the houses for sale in our neighborhood, "Come on out and visit our open houses, and your kids can ride in a hot air balloon!"

55. own a gas-electric hybrid vehicle

56. own a fantastic piece of furniture that will become a family heirloom

57. sing in the church choir, I sang in the church choir in high school, but I don't think I was very committed and it was at a church that was never really my home church, I just went there to be with my friends, 'cause I was cool like that

58. ski at least one Black Diamond run every time I go skiing; I have skied a Black Diamond, but not in a while; I mostly chicken out and stick to the easier slopes; I think maybe it's time to buck up and earn the right to check the "Expert" box on my ski rental paperwork

59. ride on a float in a parade; maybe I've done this, I have a vague memory of riding on a float with my Bluebirds troop.

60. pick a month and post on my blog every day that month; maybe I'll join NaBloPoMo.

61. read the Bible in its entirety, possibly in chronological sequence, not cover to cover. Wow, I wonder if the Bible is the only book that is not necessarily meant to be read that way?

62. learn to upholster furniture so Aaron and I can pick up even more trash from dumpsters and curbs and turn them into family heirlooms

63. have a custom designed California Closet with nooks and crannies and drawers and shelves and cabinets and cubbies and a chaise in the center where I can lounge and sip champagne while I decide what to wear to the grocery store

64. have a snocone in Alaska

65. Hula Dance and drink pina coladas from a real-life coconut at a real-life Luau on the real-life island of Hawaii

66. have a succulent garden on a window ledge in my house

67. sit in a circle with a bunch of people and sing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall and really take one down and pass it around each time

68. go on a mission trip to Central America

69. toss a rose onto an Olympic Ice Skating rink

70. throw a tomato at a comedian who is making bad jokes

71. own all three Pirates of the Carribean movies on DVD; so far I only own The Curse of the Black Pearl, if you were wondering which ones I still need; by the way, do you say Car-a-be-an or Ca-rib-ean? I say Car-a-be-an when I'm talking about the movies; but Ca-rib-ean when I'm talking about my island home with large windows dressed in long white linen drapes billowing in the sea breeze

72. ride on the back of a fire truck while the sirens are whirring

73. drive a car through a red wood tree

74. find directions to Sesame Street

75. finish this list

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