March 18, 2008


continued from Part I: 1-25 . . .

26. watch cliff divers in Acapulco

27. raise rodeo bulls, mean ones that all the cowboys are afraid to ride

28. work at Our Lady's Cup (if you don't know what this is, don't feel bad, only about 8-10 people in the world know)

29. zip on a zip line wearing a helmet-mounted video camera so I can relive the experience anytime

30. SCUBA dive

31. spit over the rail at Niagara Falls

32. take a road trip through New England in the Fall and gather leaves for pressing

33. see a ghost, hopefully a friendly one

34. be in a tornado, I know, it's weird, but I've had dreams (the REM kind) about being in a tornado since I was little, and I always wake up just before it actually hits; so I think I'm supposed to experience one for real. Plus I want to be cool like Helen Hunt in Twister.

35. speak French fluently

36. be at a taping of one of 'Oprah's Favorite Things' episodes and get some mad loot

37. Talk more, listen less. (I'm kidding; but wouldn't that be funny if I wasn't?)

38. be a professional Fortune Cookie writer

39. float in the Dead Sea (and gather some Dead Sea salt to bring home for future exfoliation)

40. win a Halloween costume contest (I'm open to suggestions)

41. teach a Bible class

42. be a Pilates instructor

43. visit all of the Smithsonian museums

44. take photographs of me doing each thing on this list so when I'm old I can have a shelf o' pictures showing what a full life I had (remember at the end of Titanic where you see pictures of young Rose fulfilling all the dreams she and Jack shared?)

45. go on a cruise (preferably one that doesn't sink, e.g. Titanic)

46. sing Perform the Star Spangled Banner at the opening of a sporting event

47. learn to meditate

48. throw a perfect 300 bowling game, even if it is on the Wii

49. bench press my current body weight; I might try to do this tonight so I can start marking stuff off this list; I will take a picture (see #44)

50. see every Cirque du Soleil show, and possibly be invited to perform as an extra, and then I could be interviewed on the Today Show as Cirque's biggest fan who was invited to perform and experience the thrill of showbiz and what that was like for a simple East Texas girl, and ohmygosh, then Oprah would want to interview me for her "Living Your Dreams" episode and her research crew would get their hands on this list and Oprah would surprise me and offer to send a camera crew following me around the world while I fulfill everything on this list, all expenses paid, plus she'll PAY ME, AND then I would write a bestselling book about the experience and THEN the book would be turned into a movie film and I would be asked to star as myself and I would win an Oscar for Best Actress and meet Johnny Depp at the E! After Party and they all lived happily ever after in the Land of Cupcakes where blueberry pancakes grow on bacon and doggies speak English. the end. thankyouverymuch.

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