June 19, 2007


Success! We had a great garage sale on Saturday, despite the rainy weather. After cleaning out the garage and subsequently the rest of the house - we were able to provide many buyers with great gently used items. Aaron made some perfect Garage Sale signs to direct traffic to our sale; which worked because we raked in about $800! (see note about fishing boat) We met several of our neighbors and actually had some fun in the meantime.

SALE ITEMS: clothes, CDs, my trusty stereo that I got when I was 15 (that's 13 years ago folks!) and still works beautifully, vases, picture frames, shoes, weight bench, books, cute bags and purses (I almost cried), and lots of ther random stuff

Aaron built the table you see below. He made it for me out of scrap wood when I was doing a few craft projects in the garage. It's been useful ever since.

READY WITH CHANGE: I had a minor panic attack Friday night at about 8:30 while I was readying the tables. I realized I had forgotten to get money for change from the bank! I, of course, freaked out and thought I had ruined everything and it was going to be a disaster and there was no way to remedy my oversight. Aaron, of course, remained totally calm and assured me everything would be fine. He told me to get some cash from an ATM, go to the grocery store and ask if they would mind breaking it up into small bills and quarters. So that's what I did. And although the business center at the grocery store was closed, the nicest clerk was quick to take me back to the bookkeeping office and fulfill my request. We were back in business! (Aaron also had the back-up plan of going to the neighborhood car wash and feeding the change machine bills in return for quarters. Genius!)

SADIE: Chilling as usual


SCOOP! OF COURSE: We had to keep a close eye on Scoop because she kept sneaking off with the shoes that were for sale. I finally gave up and let her have my beloved Grinch slippers. I figured I'd rather keep her busy with one victory than keep running into the yard to save shoes. Coincidentally, the Grinch slippers are the only footwear Sadie ever showed interest in. She doesn't "do" shoes, but she did like to tangle with the mean Mr. Grinch*. Must be those yellow eyes (which, true to form, were the first thing Scoop removed).

WELCOMING COMMITTEE: Aaron tried to give this mask to several little kids. But none of them would take it because they were all too scared. He was very sweet and passed out plastic Hawaiian leis to all the little ladies that came through. It was fun to see their big smiles when he draped the bright necklace over their head.

BIGGEST SALE: We had Aaron's flat bottom fishing boat out for sale, but didn't have any takers. I wonder why? (We posted an ad on Craigslist on Monday and sold it that evening, so I'm counting it as part of the garage sale profits)


*Note to self: If ever need a good put-down, reference You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch song

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