June 12, 2007


Yesterday was our two-year anniversary! Isn't Aaron the most handsome husband!

Aaron took me to my favorite spot for breakfast, the Satellite Cafe. We both told work we'd be in late so we could have a leisurely morning and breakfast. I had delicious blueberry pancakes where the blueberries are on the inside of the pancake! yum! Aaron had a delicious ham omelete.

On Sunday, Aaron gave me the best anniversary gift - we cleaned out and organized the garage! We did it Clean Sweep style:
1)completely empty the garage

2)make Keep, Toss, Sale piles and organize into piles of similar items(yard, fishing, tools, sports)

3)put it back together again!

The garage looks great! Although I don't have a picture of it. Sorry. We threw away a lot of junk and have a nice stack for the garage sale I decided to have this coming Saturday. The rest of this week, we'll be going through the other rooms in the house to find garage sale items. I'll take a picture after the garage sale and post it.

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