January 05, 2010


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Does anyone else get teary eyed over Folgers commercials?

You know, the classic where Peter comes home from college at Christmas. Or the 2009 version where the brother comes home from West Africa and his sister says "you're my present this year." Which, actually, is a little bit creepy. That one doesn't really make me teary.

But the one with the dancers makes me want to get up and stretch gracefully then clog around with extreme purpose... dundada dundada DUN!

I saw one I haven't seen before, where a young girl tells her dad she's engaged, and he says her fiance is a lucky man. They sip their coffee, then he glances at her with that sideways "Dads always know" look, and adds "I told him the same thing when we talked last week."

Oh Folgers, you really are the best part of waking up.

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Kari said...

Just saw this commercial for the first time today...you make me laugh =)