July 27, 2007


We finally had a sunny afternoon on Sunday, long enough to have a great lake adventure. Because the day-use areas are still closed because of the high-waters, we were able to pull the boat up to the sandy shore and let the dogs out to romp around. They were so funny. Sadie was timid at first, but with a little coaxing decided she could swim out to me. Then she started face plunging for rocks and sticks in the shallow water. She was super-cute. Scoop was a nut-ball. She bounded around like a jumping bean. Run, run, run, run, JUMP over Sadie, belly floop, SPLASH! Swim, swim, swim, turn around swim, swim, swim, run, run, run, bOUNCe, JUMP, BouncE, bellyFLOP, SPLASH!

Scoopie manning the Bow.

Sadie manning the Stern.

Aaron at the helm.

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mr.speakish said...

The S-S-A-A Bussey clan are a cool bunch. Hopefully the B-A-A-B Silverthorne Gang can hang out soon in the lake with the dogs and the boat and the views with the Bussey troop.