July 19, 2007


I'm so glad Andrea posted this video. I was missing my favorite niece and the hilarity and fun we had around her for a whole week in Colorado.

I love this video in particular because we watched Dora together and every time the show starts Aubrey dances to the music and throws her hands in the air at the "Yay!" parts and does this hilarious impression of Swiper after he's told "Swiper, No Swiping!" and for a few days, anytime Aubrey saw the portable DVD player, she would begin walking around saying "Dowa, Dowa, Dowa, Dowa."

I have to agree with Andrea that having kid songs stuck in your head is a wee bit annyoing. . . but now that I haven't heard it in a few weeks, it makes me want to sing it and think about the sweetest smile and best giggle I know.

Man I miss that little booger.

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silverthornes said...

so sweet! we will have to come visit soon!