August 31, 2006

K-9 Cousins

We have a picture of Putter, the tiniest K-9 Cousin! Turns out he's pretty smart! (Hook 'em!)

Sadie's other K-9 cousin, Doug, has also been a smarty-pants lately.
From Renee' (Doug's mom):
Okay. Doug has officially gotten out of control. He wasn't eating the food we put in his bowl last night and kept looking at me and Casey like he wanted our dinner. He jumped up in the chair across from me when Casey got up and we decided to try and see if he would eat his dinner if he could sit at the table and eat. Needless to say he happily ate his dog food out of his bowl, he just wanted to eat at the table with us. I don't think we should be allowed to have kids anytime soon.