June 08, 2010


This is the Butterfly garden our next door neighbors planted in early spring. Aren't those Zinnias amazing?!

You can't see them in this picture, but there are tall sunflowers that follow the sun around the sky.

It's very funny to visit them at different hours and see that they've kept their faces toward the sun. And then as night falls, they kind of slump over and go to sleep, I guess.  They sort of look sad, but I think they know the sun will be back, so they're just resting.

I'll try to take some pictures of them this week - although rain is forecast.  I wonder what they do in the rain?

There are tons of fun butterflies around now. HUGE ones that you might mistake for bats if you weren't married to a nature encyclopedia. And superfast ones that dive-bomb your head. And tiny yellow ones which you can only suppose are on an ice cream outing.

Dave and Aaron are having some serious discussion about the camel poop we're using as fertilizer in our neighborly veggie garden. There's a camel farm nearby that composts their poo. Our other neighbors, the ones with a pet pig named Jubba, have the hook-up so we can get free camel poo compost. We have it on good authority that camel poop is good for a garden (Jubba's garden is ginormous), so we're expecting some big Zucchini.

I made a blueberry pie on Sunday, but forgot to take a photo because I was too busy eating it. And sharing it. But mostly eating it. It is gone. It was good.

I heart blueberries.

(They are one-hump camels, if you were wondering.)


Darrell said...

Well - I was winding up the day and felt like I needed something to kinda make it complete - you know - the sense that I had gotten all the good out of this one. Sunflowers, camel poop, butterflies and homemade pie.
I'm gonna relax now - my day is complete - nothing further worthy of my attention - thanks Angela
Darrell, dad or grandad - depending on your point of view

She answers to Layla said...

i love your blog.
and i love blueberries, too.