April 15, 2010

fish list

oy vey! long time. no post. Let's start with a list, shall we? Lists make me feel productive.

Lists I currently have going:

1. grocery list

2. things to get done soon (e.g. car inspection, order contacts)

3. things to get done sometime (e.g. organize recipes, make blueberry pie)

4. crafts to make

5. books to read

6. songs to download

7. to do list for Austin Creative Reuse board meetings

8. some monthly payment tracking information for my budget

9. pilates class times at the gym

10. stuff to do for Gillian's baby shower

11. lists I currently have going

12. work tasks (with about 15 sub-lists)

13. things to do before this weekend (e.g. mop, g-store)

Do you like lists? Would you list on a fish?

1 comment:

Stacy and John McTarnahan said...

I LOVE lists! Perhaps you could list all the species of fish you can think of on the fish list! Goldfish, Trout, Bass, Flying Fish, Puffer Fish, Fried Fish, Grilled Fish, Fish Sticks... oh wait, maybe this should be two different lists.