August 05, 2009


Welcome to our home.
I see you've been greeted by our welcoming committee, Sadie and Scoop.
I hope you don't mind their slobber.
Come on in here.
Here, where cobwebs hang in the corners.
Here, where sitting on the couch means getting a little dog hair on you.
Here, where "clean floor" is a relative term.
Here, where we hold hands when we say grace.
Here, where the food isn't the best, but it's good enough.
Here, where we all contribute to the nourishing of one another.
Here, where unkind words are sometimes spoken and so we are good at forgiveness.
Here, where the table isn't big enough and there aren't enough chairs, but there is always enough room.
Here, where the plants aren't thriving, but they're surviving.
Here, where the best light fixtures we have are smiles.
Here, where tears roll freely, fears can't hide, where the truth hurts; but you are never alone.
Here, where joys and good news are cause for dancing.
Here, where laundry piles up and so we are grateful for hampers.
Here, where music is enjoyed, but laughter is the best soundtrack.
Here, where the t.v. is on as often as books are open.
Here, where the grass is tall and the weeds are taller.
Here, where there's not always a lot of money, but there are always plenty of hugs.
Here, where we learn from our mistakes...a lot.
Here, where the rooms are small but the space to be is big.
Here, where there are angry dents in doors.
Here, where the beds aren't always made, but there's always a pillow for a night's rest.
Here, where you help yourself.
Here, where we share dessert and life.
Here, where on the darkest nights, we can see the stars.
Here, where no one is perfect, and we like it that way.


Rosemond said...

I love this...

Kari said...

This is great...thanks!

Renee' Robertson said...

well said Sis. Makes me want to visit your home.