July 16, 2009


This lovely little bird has been visiting our bird feeder almost every day for about three weeks. This picture doesn't do it justice; it's colors are so vivid, especially in the bright sun. I call it Jim.

Jim is in good company at the feeder. We have a family of red cardinals, a few blue jays (*not to be confused with blue birds), lots of big white-winged doves (*which, when I first heard them cooing, I thought it was owls whoing and wondered why owls were out during the day; also, yes please sing Fleetwood Mac along with me), finches, and hummingbirds at their own feeder nearby. The squirrels also eat from the bird feeder, and even a young doe occasionally sneaks a snack.

I think Sadie and Scoop have a secret alliance with the birds. They don't bother their winged friends, but they diligently protect the feeder from squirrels and deer.

Since it's been so hot, Scoop has taken up her guard post on the porch, and Sadie pretty much keeps watch from the couch.

*Luckily I live with a walking talking nature encyclopedia, so I don't go around confusing bird species

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