April 20, 2006

Sadie Serendipity

Sadie must be going through her "terrible twos" as Kristen noted. Sadie has recently grown big enough and smart enough to reach her front paws onto the kitchen counter. She first discovered this when the smell of a strawberry-tart was too tempting to pass up. She had a taste.

Last week, after seeing Aaron have a sandwich, she thought she might enjoy one also. She must have known she would enjoy it more if she was alone in the house, because she waited until noone was home and proceeded to eat an entire loaf of bread.

Easter also proved to introduce tempting new treats. Pastel colored m&ms to be exact. I know what you must be thinking -- Chocolate is bad for dogs! . . . but as I learned, only certain types of chocolate are dangerous, of which milk chocolate m&m's is not one. She was unaffected, but for a slight hyper-activity for a few hours. I'm not sure if it was from the sugar, or the giddy satisfaction of knowing she had gotten away with something.

We are trying to teach her that this counter-scrounging business is unacceptable; but really, who could tell that face that she shouldn't have an occasional m&m?

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